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Patricia Schultz (I’75)

Author, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die

Location: Philodemic Room, Healy Hall, Georgetown University
Interviewer/Producer: Anneliesa Clump Alprin (G’06)
Editor: Lisa Fthenakis (C’10) Patricia Schultz

Schultz’s world opened up during her years on Georgetown’s international campus, when she learned from its diverse student population. She took a gap year to travel, worked as an au pair in Florence and studied abroad in Madrid. Schultz encourages students and travelers of all ages to “be curious,” a piece of advice she says she learned at Georgetown. Here, Schultz tells the story of her love affair with “the journey,” her first trips abroad and writing 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. She offers this wisdom to travelers of all levels: “The journey abroad reflects the one within—the most unknown and foreign and unmapped landscape of them all, the ultimate terra incognita.”

Schultz is the author of 1,000 Places to See In the USA and Canada Before You Die and 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. She is also executive producer of the Travel Channel’s show of the same name. Based in New York City, Schultz has written for Condé Nast Traveler, Islands, and Harper’s Bazaar. She has lived and traveled all over the world and estimates that she’s visited 80 percent of the places listed in her books. Forbes named her one of the 25 most influential women in travel.

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