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Daniel Henninger (F’68)

Deputy Editor, Editorial Page, “The Wall Street Journal”

Location: Barclay Hotel, New York City, during John Carroll Weekend 2009
Producer/Interviewer: Anneliesa Clump Alprin (G’06)
Editor: Lisa Fthenakis (C’10)

Daniel Henninger

Starting out in the College, Henninger soon transferred to the School of Foreign Service where he immersed himself in studies of the Cold War, U.S. Foreign Policy and journalism. In the dormitories, he remembers the camaraderie and a level of “intensity and fun” that framed late night debates regarding politics, popular culture and ideals.

After Georgetown, Henninger landed an editing job at the “New Republic,” worked at the “National Observer” and then began his tenure as a feature writer for “The Wall Street Journal.” Before work on the morning of September 11, 2001, he stopped at Brooks Brothers, just across from the World Trade Center, to buy a cummerbund to wear at his son’s wedding. As the planes hit the towers, Henninger recalls sitting down to “watch as a journalist” until the dust cloud hit. He knew he had to bear witness, writing his account to appear the next day in the Wall Street Journal.

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