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Carl Reiner (F’43)

Author, Actor, Writer and Director

Interviewer: Dr. Bernie Cook (C’90)
Location: Mr. Reiner’s Residence in Beverly Hills, CA
Producer: Chris Enochs
Editors: Anneliesa Clump Alprin (G’06) and Lisa Fthenakis (C’10)

Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner, author, actor, writer, director and one of television’s most creative minds, has influenced nearly every major comedic talent for more than 50 years. The son of a watchmaker, he was born in the Bronx on March 20, 1922. In 1942, Reiner went into the U.S. Army and was trained as a radio operator. He later studied French on assignment at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in order to become an interpreter. In this conversation with Dr. Bernie Cook, Reiner describes Sid Caesar, “Your Show of Shows,” the legendary writing room, receiving his first Emmy, his novels, “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and comedy and life in general.

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  1. I enjoyed your story about Georgetown. My father said that he thought he was your cousin, but never
    said how. My grandfather and grandmother came to the U.S. in 1896 from Austria and lived in Woodbine, NJ (a Baron de Hirsch farming community). My father left home at 12 to live with his oldest brother in Washington, DC, in order to send money home to his parents. He did very well, and enjoyed his life in DC and Florida. He enjoyed a full life and passed away at the age of 95. What was your family’s background? Who knows? There may be some relationship.

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